Transmission Repair near Milford CT

Transmission Repair near Milford CT

You and your ride have been through a lot together, from daily errand runs to exciting trips down the open road. It’s important to take good care of your car so that it can continue to be there for you on your future adventures. Part of this care involves ensuring the transmission system is in good working order.

Drivers in search of transmission repair near Milford, Connecticut, can rest easy at our service centers. The team at Key Cars has the experience and know-how to get your car back on track so you can keep driving. We’ll go over what goes into transmission repair and why it’s so important in this handy guide.

Transmission Uninstalled from Vehicle

What Is Transmission Repair?

Your transmission system is essential to reaching higher speeds and making the most of the energy generated by the engine. Being in the right gear makes sure that an optimal amount of power is delivered to your wheels so you can drive smoothly.

You use your transmission system every time you drive, regardless of if you have a manual or automatic system. Like anything you use frequently, your transmission system will suffer some natural wear and tear over time. That means you’ll need to make sure it’s in good condition to ensure your future drives go off without a hitch.

Along with the metallic parts that shift you into gear, transmission fluid plays an important role in the system. It keeps those parts lubricated to minimize grinding and friction while also distributing heat, keeping your transmission cool. Your fluid will also suffer from natural effects over time in the form of dirt and other debris entering the engine block.

Transmission Repair near Milford CT

What Damages My Transmission?

As you now know, your transmission is working at full force every time you drive your ride. That means it will take some damage over time, which is normal and expected. Between shifting energy to your tires and throwing off lots of heat, your transmission is always hard at work. When the daily grind builds up enough, it starts to take a toll on the system.

Aside from normal driving, extreme conditions will put your transmission system to the test. The constant gear changes that come with stop-and-go traffic and towing heavy trailers add more stress to the system. This increased strain on your transmission system will result in needing service.

Transmission Repair Service Experts

Signs I Need Transmission Repair

As you’re making your daily drives, you can keep an eye out for different indicators that you need transmission service. The most noticeable is struggling to get into higher gears and unexpected gear changes. The smell of burning oil or strange grinding noises are also indications that it’s time for transmission service.

Visit our Service Experts

When you feel it’s time to get your transmission checked out, schedule an appointment with the experts at our service centers. They have the knowledge and experience required to make sure your ride remains safe and smooth. Our certified technicians will investigate your transmission and give you a repair option so that you can get back out there.

Get Transmission Repair near Milford CT Today

Now that you’ve learned about your transmission system, it’s time to make sure it’s up for the task. Enjoy your future drives around Milford, CT, with a visit to Key Cars and the service experts today!

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