Local Spotlight: Story and Soil Coffee


The corner coffee shop. Simple by design, its complexity lies within the mugs it fills and the people who hold them. A whirl of sound and aromas, the corner coffee shop doubles and triples as a workshop, therapy office, and social hang.

One of our favorite spots to let off steam is Story and Soil Coffee. A relative newbie to the Hartford, CT, community, they’re already making a big impression on the local crowd of bean fiends.

To discover what’s brewing in their pot, check out this month’s local spotlight before paying them a visit!

Way Down In Frog Hollow…

Brewing CoffeeThere’s a tiny shop painted in rich Kelly Green. Located on the ground floor of an old tenement building, its architecture alone evokes a story or two. Look aast down the avenue to peep the state capitol dome before ducking inside this cozy cathedral to caffeine.

Providing just enough space for a coffee bar and few window seats, Story and Soil attracts a young, on-the-go crowd looking for a fresh start to their day.

During the warmer months, patrons gather around the picnic table out front to soak in some rays while sipping their famous cold brew iced coffee. Their selection of hot beverages ranges from small batch blends and loose leaf teas to seasonal specials.

Homemade Brekkie

Freshly Brewed CoffeeWhether you crave something sweet or carb-filled, Story and Soil has your back. Using always fresh, locally sourced ingredients, their food menu plays the hits, including breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, baked treats, and more!

Oh, and when they say locally sourced, they really mean it. Partnering with fellow small businesses, you can appreciate knowing the money you spend on your morning cup stays in the community. Special partnerships of theirs include:

  • Giv™ Coffee
  • Little Wolf Coffee
  • Cross Culture Kombucha
  • Wave Hill Breads
  • Sweet Pea Farm

Order Online or Purchase a Gift Card Today!

In line with today’s coffee connoisseur, Soil and Coffee lets you pre-order your drinks and bites form your smartphone! Simply place an order online, and their baristas will have it ready by the time you reach their pickup counter.

If you’re looking for a way to share some love while supporting a local business, think about purchasing a gift card through their site. While you’re at it, make sure to like them on social media to stay up to date on news and special offerings.