Oil Change near Cheshire, CT

Oil Change near Cheshire, CT

Make it a new habit to schedule an oil change near Cheshire, CT. This habit benefits your car by keeping it running well and performing as it should. You may not know why it’s important or how long it will take, but Key Cars can explain. Then, you can stick to regular oil changes for the life of your car.

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Oil Change near Cheshire, CT

When Do I Need to Get My Oil Changed?

To find out when you need your oil changed, review your owner’s manual. Different manufacturers make individual recommendations for your specific car. In the past, 3,000 miles acted as the benchmark. Now, however, it could be anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 miles. For cars that use synthetic oil, you can typically wait until 10,000 miles to get your oil changed.

In addition to your owner’s manual, talk to one of our service technicians. They work on a range of diverse vehicles, and each one has specific requirements for oil changes. Our technicians know how to perform this service and can examine your car to see if it needs an oil change.

How Long Does an Oil Change Last?

How Long Does an Oil Change Last?

Aside from how many miles you drive, time plays a factor in when you’ll need your oil changed. Your specific vehicle’s owner’s manual is a great resource to learn when your ride will need new motor oil. One general metric to keep in mind is to get an oil change every six months, although your car may be able to drive longer between oil changes.

If you drive in extreme conditions, your engine will be put to the test and put into overdrive. This extra exertion will take its toll on your engine, including your motor oil. Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), extended drives, uneven surfaces, and more will make your engine and its oil undergo increased wear and tear. If you find yourself driving in these conditions frequently, you’ll need your next oil change sooner.

Oil Change near Cheshire, CT

Oil Change

How Long Will an Oil Change Take?

Oil changes may be one of the most common routine tasks needed for your car. That’s why you’ll notice all types of fast oil change places around the New Haven-Milford Metropolitan Area, and hear and see ads for them. When you visit our service center, our technicians methodically change the oil and filter, but make sure that it’s complete in less than an hour.

Why Does My Car Need an Oil Change?

Before we list the reasons why your car needs this service, let’s talk about what the oil does. Getting an oil change is like keeping yourself hydrated. You and your car work better when you’re hydrated and drink clear fluids. Oil flows through the moving parts of the engine, so it can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

When you use your car daily for work or play, it accumulates dust and dirt from the road. These particles get absorbed by the oil, which makes the oil less pure and efficient. Once your car gains enough mileage to warrant an oil change, it’s dirty enough to not work as well as it once did.

If you decide to check on it yourself, you’ll notice the oil looks dark and dirty. When a technician first poured in the oil, it appeared gold and transparent. Additionally, the oil may not rise to the top of the dipstick, which also affects the performance. This means that you may need more.

Adding Engine Oil

Can I Add Oil Instead of Getting it Changed?

You’ve looked at the dipstick and noticed that the oil looks filthy, and there isn’t too much of it left. Should you buy oil yourself, or use the oil sitting on a shelf in your garage?

If you know that you cannot get to a service station soon enough, you can, but you should get it changed soon. The newer oil just mixes with the older and dirtier oil to make an ineffective soup.

Also, the filter does not get replaced if you just add oil. Therefore, the best option is to schedule your appointment, so you can have peace of mind that this service will be completed by professionals.

Engine Oil

Different Types of Engine Oil

You’ve likely seen the wide variety of different types of motor oil that are available. There are lots of different possibilities, and your car will likely have a preference. Motor oil can be broken down into several categories, including synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, and conventional.

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

Oil is labeled with a series of numbers and letters. The number that comes before the W refers to how well the oil flows at zero degrees. In our chilly Connecticut winters, you’ll want a low number to prevent it from thickening. The numbers after the W refer to the viscosity at 212 degrees. Higher numbers will wear thin more slowly.

Engine Oil Cap

Best Oil for SUVs

The preferred oil for your SUV is likely written in the owner’s manual. You can also ask a certified technician to learn more about what your model needs. Newer SUVs often use high-mileage oil, which is mixed to reduce oil burn off and thus requires less frequent oil changes. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is designed to work in a greater range of extreme cold and hot conditions.

If you have an older SUV and have a conservative and reserved driving style, you may want conventional oil. It’s available in a wide range of viscosity levels, meaning that there’s likely one that is fine-tuned for your engine.

As with your SUV’s other maintenance recommendations, check out your owner’s manual for specific info. When you get information direct from the manufacturer, you’re getting it from the most reliable source there is.

Schedule Your Oil Change near Cheshire, CT

Oil changes are essential for the long-term health and ability of your ride. Create a new habit by scheduling your oil change near Cheshire, Connecticut. We can keep you on a schedule and remind you why it’s important for this service to occur. To schedule a service appointment, contact Key Cars today.

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