Brake repair near Middleton CT

You and your car have been through a lot of adventures together, from trips around town to epic journeys. There are plenty more experiences waiting for you as well, and that means you’ll need to ensure your car is in good working condition. Part of this regular upkeep involves making sure your brakes are up to par.

If you think you need brake repair near Middleton, Connecticut, then we’re here to help. The service team at Key Cars is well versed in all forms of auto maintenance, including brake service. In this guide, we show you what goes into brake service, as well as why it’s so important.

What Is in My Brake System?

Brake rotor repair near Middleton CT

Your hydraulic brake system is made up of many different parts, each one playing a vital role in its operation. When you press down on the pedal, that energy is transferred through brake fluid. The pressure from your foot increases pressure on this fluid, allow the rest of your brake system to start working. A lack of or dirty brake fluid will hinder your braking ability right away.

Where your pedal is the start of the braking process, brake pads are at the end. Energy flows through the fluid and depresses the brake pads onto your tires. The friction created by the brake pads slows and eventually stops the rotation of your tires, bringing you to a safe stop. Your brake pads are the MVP in your car’s brake system, making your drives safe.

How Do I Know I Need Brake Repair?

You use your brakes every time you drive, from the moment you take it out of park until you roll up to your destination. Eventually, the wear and tear will add up, and you’ll find yourself in need of brake repair. Here are some things to keep an eye out for while you drive.

  • If you need more time and distance to come to a stop, your brake pads might be worn out. Be sure to get them replaced right away.
  • Smelling a burning odor while you drive could be several things, one of them being brake fluid issues. Let your brakes cool down by pulling over before contacting a technician.
  • A vibrating steering wheel as you brake is a sign of an uneven brake rotor. Call a technician right away.
  • The brake warning light on the dashboard will light up when your car detects a problem.

Our Service Experts

When you visit our service center, you know you’ll be in good hands thanks to our crew of certified auto technicians. They’ve been trained to keep your ride in smooth and safe driving condition, including brake repair.

Our team can replace your brake fluid, fit you out with new brake pads, recalibrate your brake system, and more to keep your ride ready for action. While you’re here, ask about our other maintenance services to keep your car prepared for the road.

Get Brake Repair near Middleton CT

Keep your drives in Middleton, CT, safe with an optimal brake system. Visit Key Cars and schedule your next service visit today!

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