Your vehicle’s brakes are your first and most important line of defense when traveling around the Milford, Manchester, and Middletown areas. That’s why at Key Cars, we make brake repair and inspections simple.

Not only do healthy brakes make actions like steering and slowing down easier, they also help bolster things like fuel economy and engine performance.

So, if your brakes are currently making a squeaking noise or you simply can’t remember when you last had them looked at by a pro, continue reading our helpful guide. Afterwards, stop by any of our state-of-the-art service centers or schedule an appointment online!

Brake Repair

How Often Do I Need Brake Repair?

Unlike your vehicle’s tires, it’s often harder to gauge when you need to replace your brakes. This heavily depends on both your personal habits and the types of roads you typically drive.

A good rule of thumb is to start paying extra attention to your brakes once your vehicle’s odometer hits the 40,000-mile mark. You also can ask our technicians to take a look at your brakes every time you schedule an oil change.

Our technicians can quickly identify any trouble spots and help you plan for future service down the road.

Weak Brake Pedal

Brake Service Center

What are Signs I Need Brake Repair?

Avoiding a costly breakdown or repair is relatively easy when you’re able to spot signs of trouble. No one wants to be in a position where their brakes fail, which is why it’s important to take action the moment you notice any of the following warnings signs:

Vibrating Pedal

Warped rotors and misaligned calipers can cause your vehicle’s brake pedal to vibrate when trying to slow down. This is most noticeable when attempting to decelerate while traveling on the highway.

Fading or Weak Pedal

If your foot almost touches the floor each time you come to a full stop, that’s a clear sign your vehicle is low on brake fluid.

Grinding or High-Pitched Squeaks

Inside your brake pads, there’s a thin metal strip that emits a high-pitched squeal when exposed. This is your brake pad’s way of letting you know it’s time for a replacement.

If ignored for too long, this squeaking will transform into a low metallic grind. This means your brake pads have completely worn off. Avoid driving your vehicle until you can have new pads put on.  

Pulling to One Side

This often is a sign that your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment. It might also be caused by your brake pads unevenly wearing down.

Dependable Brake Service

Rely on Our Dependable Service and Parts

Whether you need a quick tune-up or full brake replacement, our team of highly skilled technicians can quickly get you quickly back on the road.

Using only genuine OEM parts, you can feel confident knowing only the best components that meet your vehicle’s exact specifications are being used.

Schedule Brake Repair Today!

If you need brake repair and live near the Milford, Manchester, and Middletown areas, visit any one of Key Cars service centers right away. You’re also welcome to go online and schedule an appointment that best fits your schedule.

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